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Hotel Spačva raspolaže sa 60 sobaHotel "Spačva" has 60 rooms and 120 beds, built on two floors, on which was deployed 6 single rooms (with double bed), 47 double rooms and 7 suites. The hotel is air conditioned and (6 rooms for disabled guests) fully adapted for persons with special needs. Rooms have satellite TV, internet access, Jacuzzi bathtubs and safe ..

Odmorište hotela Spačva - Autocesta Zagreb-Lipovac

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Pod lampom d.o.o.
H.D. genschera 40
32 100 Vinkovci

OIB: 69086488507


TELEFON: 032 271-901

Autocesta Zagreb - Lipovac
(7 km od Bajakova)