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Kamp Spačva nalazi se u slopu Hotela "Spačva"The camp is located in Spačva Spačva hotel "Spačva" along the highway Zagreb-Lipovac, the centuries-old oak forest along the river Spačva. It was founded 70-years of the last century, after the war was in use until 2007. when it was renovated and reopened.

The camp was created by an extraordinary idea. Great old wine barrels, 11 000 liters, which were put out of use and replaced with new ones that have served as an idea to make them safe home to sleep. A total of 25 barrels received a small roof that serves as protection from rain. With the barrels were made of 15 houses out of wood, triangular in shape, the approximate dimensions of the barrel. Each object is connected to electricity.

The camp is located, and 6 camp sites for car-campers with access to electricity. Part of the camp is designed for tents, where they can be set around 50-odd. Camp has built a common sanitary facility which is located 5 shower, 6 toilet cabin, sink, dishwasher and sink for washing. The camp is also a small kitchen with hot water. During the year the camp is open from May to September. The total area of the camp is about 15 000 m2. Located in the woods and along the river, the camp is particularly interesting for anglers and hunters, who need several days during their stay.

Because of their unusual appearance and stopljenosti with beautiful Slavonian nature, will tickle the imagination of adventurous people and stimulate the desire to experience the experience of sleeping in a barrel.

Accommodation ...

The camp consists of 15 houses, 25 barrels, 6 seats for the auto-caravans and space for setup 50 šatora.U barrels placed French bed for two persons, while the cottages set two separate beds. With each bed there is a small nightstand. Each object has connected electricity as well as any place for a car-trailer.

Odmorište hotela Spačva - Autocesta Zagreb-Lipovac

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Pod lampom d.o.o.
H.D. genschera 40
32 100 Vinkovci

OIB: 69086488507


TELEFON: 032 271-901

Autocesta Zagreb - Lipovac
(7 km od Bajakova)