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Restoran Hotela "Spačva" kapaciteta je 250 sjedećih mjestaRestaurant of the Hotel "Spačva" capacity is 250 seats. The ambiance of the restaurant is a warm atmosphere with lots of light, from which the view while enjoying the flow of the river Spačva, you can taste a variety of local dishes and international cuisine.

We serve hot and cold starters, fish dishes, grilled dishes, meals, and are unavoidable, and house specialties. Preparation of the delights of wildlife in this forest area, especially recommended. The guests special requests, we have prepared the menu for vegetarians and diabetics. An extensive wine list the restaurant will offer you the famous wine grape varieties of domestic and foreign production.

Odmorište hotela Spačva - Autocesta Zagreb-Lipovac

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Pod lampom d.o.o.
H.D. genschera 40
32 100 Vinkovci

OIB: 69086488507


TELEFON: 032 271-901

Autocesta Zagreb - Lipovac
(7 km od Bajakova)