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Hotel SpačvaWay back in 1970th was built along the highway Zagreb-Belgrade (near Lipovac) Motel "Spačva". The Patriotic War motel is difficult devastated and broken. At the site of the motel, 2003. year, we built a new facility and renamed it to the hotel, which has received a category three stars.

Due to its position along the highway is easy and fast to reach the hotel. Precisely because of the possibility of quick access to the building, on the other hand though its remoteness from urban life, is an ideal venue for business meetings. For this reason, we have built in the hotel conference room for up to 300 seats is equipped with all necessary technical equipment. Hotel for 0-24 hours.

Spačva Lipovac Hotel  is surrounded by centuries-old oak forest, and the hotel itself flowing river Spačva. This area is the largest pool oak in Europe. River Spačva is special in that area that runs without touching nor discharging pollutants into her nature. It spreads exclusively Slavonic fields and woods and carries natural scents and unspoiled beauty. It is therefore particularly interesting hotel to hunting and fishing tourism.

Odmorište hotela Spačva - Autocesta Zagreb-Lipovac

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Pod lampom d.o.o.
H.D. genschera 40
32 100 Vinkovci

OIB: 69086488507


TELEFON: 032 271-901

Autocesta Zagreb - Lipovac
(7 km od Bajakova)